Lærke Lauesen is a Copenhagen based artist who works within the field of photography. Her artistic practice are focused on the relation between human and nature, and the complexity of its balance. 

She is originally born in the northern part of Denmark in Aalborg in 1991 and in 2015 she received a diploma from Copenhagen School of Film and Photography and later on in 2016 she studied commercial photography at Technical University of Copenhagen. She recently graduated from Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, and is also part of Fotoklub Kollektiv in Berlin.

Education & Work

2021: Art Director Assistent, Nicolai Howalt

2017 - 2021: Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Bachelor degree in photography

2019 - 2020 : Intern at FK Fotoklub Kollektiv, Berlin

2016 - 2016: Copenhagen Technical School / ground course in commercial photography

2014 - 2015: Copenhagen Film and Photo School 


Fotoklub Kollektiv, Berlin: "After the Fall", 18.06.2021

Fotoklub Kollektiv, Berlin: "Final Bloom / Library Launch", 15.08.2020

Fotoklub Kollektiv, Berlin: "Everything Home Is Far Away", 29.02.20

Marc-Antoine Hairstudio Gallery, Berlin: "Haare oder Hair", 15.11.19

CLB Berlin, "Threads Of Yesterday", 10.05.19

Das Giftraum, Berlin: "Untitled", 18.04.19

Group Show: GlogauAir, Berlin, "False Front", 19.10.18

Graduation Show at Copenhagen Photofestival, København Film og Fotoskole, 2015

Group Show, Carlsberg City, Københavns Film og Fotoskole, 2014

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